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Welcome, Dr Jeremy!

Hello everyone!

First off, to those I haven't met yet, hi! My name is Dr. Jeremy Lawson, and I'm excited to meet you. To those, I have had the pleasure to meet, hello again. Let me first acknowledge that this transition will be hard for you, and that isn't lost on me. Your relationship with your doctor is very personal. That is even more with chiropractic. You all have a relationship with Dr. Jen, and that is something I am not looking to replace but instead to create and grow a new one. I have nothing but incredible respect for Dr. Jen and everything she has created and built within the walls of TLC Chiropractic. I know you are all going to miss her and that is well earned. Watching her with those of you I met over the last few weeks makes it easy to see why you began and stayed under her care, and those are some big shoes to fill.

In addition to being a chiropractor, I'm married to my rockstar wife Lani. We have a 14-month daughter named Layla, who is adorably sweet and just as sassy as she is sweet. We also have a 6-year-old puppy named Boss. Most days Boss will be joining us at the office. He's a sweet boy and very gentle. For those of you that like dogs, butt scratches are his favorite. I graduated from chiropractic school out of Georgia in 2018 and moved back home. In my time away from the office, I spend my time with my family and CrossFit AMRAP. For the last two years, I have been seeing patients in Lake in the Hills, Crystal Lake, and Cary. You will see some new faces in the office as we all come under one roof. I know it's impossible to get to know someone through a single email. I am an open book and anxious to share my story with you as I get to know you better.

As we come under one roof, there will be some changes coming. The biggest of which is there is no replacement for Geralyn. Many of you have as close a relationship with her as you do Dr. Jen. In the beginning, I will be working on scheduling and billing and trying to match Dr. Jen in the level of care you have received. I do appreciate any patience you can give me, as with any transition, there are some hiccups and learning curves along the way. Please know I have a plan and am working to add a care advocate to the team soon to help ensure you keep receiving the excellent care and communication you are used to.

Also, there will be a software change. I promise to do my best to make that change as seamless as possible; I apologize for any challenges we may experience along the way, and again appreciate your patience. Over the next few days, you will be receiving two emails through the new EHR software system Jane. The first will be a welcome email to your online account. Through the online account, you will be able to schedule and adjust your appointments and billing information at the clinic. The second will be an updated patient intake form. It is entirely online, and I promise I will do my best to keep my paperwork as simple as possible. Unfortunately, I cannot send this out in mass and have to send them individually by person.

Office Hours

There will be new hours starting Monday, June 6th.

Monday: 8a-11a; 3p-630p

Tuesday: 8a-11a

Wednesday: 730a-1p; 4p-630p (CrossFit AMRAP)

Thursday: 3p-630p

Friday: Closed

Saturday: 8a-11a (CrossFit AMRAP)

Sunday: Closed

If you currently have an appointment scheduled, I will be transferring your existing appointments to the new software. If not, please feel free to call in or text the office, and I will schedule for you. The office phone number will be staying the same! You can also click and save this link here! There will be two locations listed. The clinic's primary location will be the Catalyst Family Chiropractic location. Additionally, everyone is welcome to the patient hours at CrossFit AMRAP. Know that on Saturdays, I bring coffee from Conscious Cup in Crystal Lake that is welcome to everyone. When times come that office hours will be changed or be closed for a day, I will do my best to provide a minimum of a one-week notice.

Grand Opening and Birthday Party!

This Saturday (6/4), our partners at CrossFit AMRAP are having their Grand Opening party to celebrate moving into their new location in Cary and their 12th year in business! Meet the coaches, meet some fantastic members, play in the bounce house, and did we mention there are tacos??? That's right; there will be a taco truck providing food!

We look forward to seeing you there!

To learn more about CrossFit AMRAP, contact Javier at 847-857-0440 or [email protected]

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